Thursday* March 11, 2021  5:00pm – 7:00pm Eastern Time 
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This event is limited to 100 people


We are excited you will be joining us at our Gathering for Goodness. A Gathering of like-minded humans who appreciate the value that Goodness contributes to our fellow People, our  Communities, and the Environment.

These Gatherings are designed to foster and inspire Goodness in business and in life through human connection, purposeful conversation, and identifying the actions to amplify the impact of Goodness.

We have invited Elisa Udaskin and Mike Prosserman to join us to share what inspired them to mobilize others, and the positive impact they’ve made on the people and the communities they’ve touched.  We will use these stories to generate ideas and actions to expand the vision for Goodness including the everyday actions to lift ourselves and those around us.

This will be a dynamic session, filled with musical interludes, moments of mediation, and spaces for sharing. A detailed agenda will be provided closer to March 11. In the meantime, we urge you to save the date in your calendar

We look forward to your energy and engagement.

Elisa Udaskin

Elisa Udaskin
Author - How To Be a Mensch

Author Elisa Udaskin will be joining us for a conversation on ‘How to be a Mensch”, the book she recently authored, but more than that, a way of life that she espouses. We all have the potential to live a life filled with kindness, integrity and honour. Elisa believes that by living as a mensch, you will not only help others but improve your own life too.

Mike Prosserman

Mike Prosserman
Author - Building Unity

At age 16, Michael ‘Piecez’ Prosserman, a professional b-boy (breakdancer), completed a school project that would grow to become a hip-hop-inspired mental health charity with global reach. Through a process of continuous discovery and reflection, Prosserman and his team grew UNITY to the point where it benefitted over a quarter of a million young people. Join us as Michael shares their story and inspires us all to pursue a path in service of the greater good.


Contribute your story of GOODNESS