How to attain true Happiness

The key to happiness is attained by eliminating attachments to certain outcomes and eliminating our faulty expectations of how people, situations or things ought to be or should be. We can not control how others behave or how they may or may not respond. We can not control outcomes in spite of our best efforts. We must instead focus on being grateful for every outcome, regardless of whether its good or bad. Regardless of whether it is in alignment with our expectations or not. If the outcome is not in alignment then ask what can we do about it, if the answer is to do certain tangible actions to change the outcome, then do it. If the answer is that there is nothing we can do, then move on and trust that each one of us is guided towards the best possible outcome, as long as we are good, kind, grateful, forgiving, caring and loving towards everyone and everything around us. This does not mean that we should stop striving or working hard towards the achievement of our goals and dreams. It’s in fact the reverse. Dream big, learn, work hard, strive towards the highest potential outcome but at a certain point surrender and receive what is meant for us to receive. Learn from each experience, capture the lessons and simply say “Thank You” with absolute gratitude.

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