Building UNITY

Our mission, in part, is sourcing good humans to share their stories of Goodness through our Gatherings.  From our early planning meetings, Mike has been at the top of our list from knowing his story.  His story is rooted in Goodness and his spirit is infectious. It is tough to build resilient, responsive and […]

How to be a Mensch

Each day we move forward into Goodness with sturdier footing from those that contribute what Goodness means to them.  Something about our recent Gathering had the feel of a “Home Opener”.  One of our storytellers walked onto the field, pitched a wildly entertaining ball, and hit it out of the park. Elisa Udaskin engaged us in conversation around […]

Where GOODNESS resides

As we find our way into the places where Goodness resides, our most exquisite opportunity lies in stories, and how we connect through them. A curated group of thinkers and makers gathered with us on November 20. Energy and ideas flowed freely in the direction of how to begin fostering Goodness in life and in […]

How to attain true Happiness

The key to happiness is attained by eliminating attachments to certain outcomes and eliminating our faulty expectations…

The New Normal

We are witnessing how this horrible virus is impacting our businesses, communities and our very way of life.

Do something that matters

In Karl Pillemer’s book ’30 Lessons for Living’, he interviewed a thousand elderly Americans looking for the most important lessons they had learned from decades of life experience.