Building UNITY

Our mission, in part, is sourcing good humans to share their stories of Goodness through our Gatherings.  From our early planning meetings, Mike has been at the top of our list from knowing his story.  His story is rooted in Goodness and his spirit is infectious.  

It is tough to build resilient, responsive and responsible organizations in today’s ever-changing world. Michael ‘Piecez’ Prosserman is an author, B-Boy (“breakdancer”), university instructor and professional speaker who specializes in scaling start-ups, integrating mental well-being into team culture, innovation in fundraising, and healthy succession of long time leaders. In his book, he shares practical tools and stories to launching, leading and leaving a sustainable organization. He scaled a grassroots organization from the ground up as the Founder of Unity Charity, an organization using Hip-Hop to improve youth mental health. 

Michael’s book:  Building Unity: Leading a Non-Profit From Spark to Succession

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