We believe is a natural state of the human spirit and a positive force to create harmony and prosperity in life and in business.


Our mission is GOODNESS.

To align, inspire, and motivate people to understand, embrace, and adopt this energy in the way we live and do business...

We will do this through education and by nurturing the concept of GOODNESS through Gatherings, Thought Leadership, Research Initiatives, Training, Recognition, and promoting Advocacy with leaders across industries, sectors, disciplines, and the communities we live in.

Goodness starts with a conversation. And this conversation begins with your story. “What does Goodness mean to you?” Our goal is to measure impact, and start to define a Return on Goodness.

The Founders

Goodness came through my life in a carefree childhood skipping rope on the driveway in Toronto, deep non-judgmental connections with close friends and traditional attention from my Toisanese family. Goodness is love not fear. Goodness is seeing beauty in everytTHING and everyONE.

Vivian Ip

Winter 1987. All I have to keep me company is the buzz of the fluorescent lights, my mop and bucket. I’ve been the custodian of this office building since arriving in Canada. Then Goodness found me. The security guard who helped me learn English and the manager who took me to register for night school. People who cared with no expectation of getting anything in return.

Hesham Shafie

In the 1950’s, my father was Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at a major hospital. He encouraged and advocated for women in medicine, including ensuring my mother’s Obstetrician was a woman, which was by no means the norm in those days. I grew up witnessing doing “what is right” as a natural thing. This early education in goodness nurtured a purpose in me to share this energy with as many as I can.

Peter Allemang

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing goodness throughout my life. I saw it in the love of my family, I’d recognize it in the actions of strangers, simple acts of kindness. These moments have shaped me. When I started working with plants and reacquainting myself with nature I began to understand my connection with every living thing, human and otherwise. We live in cities that make us feel separate, isolated and alone. This isn’t how we were meant to live. We’re meant to thrive in communities, to live with nature, to care for each other, the planet and, in turn, ourselves.

Sharene Shafie

I didn’t appreciate how steeped in goodness my childhood was, growing up in a tiny fishing community, until much later. The story arc in my comedy career began with punching down at my home town, only to realize much later, that community is goodness. And that there is an abundance of humour and stories on the good side of that perspective.

Anna Gustafson

Thoughts & Stories

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Our next Gathering will take place on Tuesday, February 8, 2022
5:00pm Eastern

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